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Frequently Asked Questions


Why don't you sell jewelry over the internet?

Since people have been able to research and buy jewelry over the internet we have seen a common trend when that person visits the store.  They come into the jewelry store with a handful of ring pictures they printed from the internet.  With our large inventory, we will usually have the ring or something very similar.  After looking at our selection, all too often that same customer finds a ring that is completely different.   Once they try on a ring they found on the internet, they do not like it as much as another or is a better fit for their size of finger.  To ensure you get the perfect ring for you, we feel it is best to discuss all of the options either in person or over the phone.


How often do I need to have my jewelry checked and cleaned?

 We recommend having your jewelry checked and cleaned two times a year.  This gives you the best opportunity to have your stones checked and tighten if needed before one is lost and to have your ring looking its best year around.  We also recommend having your engagement ring cleaned the week of your wedding.  The last thing you want is to have your engagement ring

not looking its best on your wedding day.


Why did you locate your jewelry store on a farm?

What started as a sideline business for Billy on his family farm has developed over the years as a large successful jewelry business.  By keeping his store located on the farm, Billy is able to keep his overhead down so he can pass along significant savings to all of his customers.  Also, by having our location on a farm, we are able to have a large selection of jewelry to choose from.  There's a reason we are located on Diamond Hollow Farms. 


How long does it take to have a ring sized?

There are a lot of variables in predicting how long it takes to size a ring properly.  To size a ring once our jeweler begins working on it will depend how much the ring needs to go down or up in size, whether the ring has diamonds on the side, etc.


What do you need to know before buying an engagement ring?

There is one golden rule in buying jewelry if you know nothing about jewelry, know and trust your jeweler.  Because we have been able to gain the trust of customers from across the country even before there was an internet, we feel by visiting us for your jewelry needs you

will find that jeweler you will know and trust.

The best place to start is knowing the 4 C's, Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat and how each can determine the quality of your diamond and therefore the price you will pay.

Next is to know what her expectations for a ring are or what kind of style she would prefer.  Does she like white gold over yellow gold, or the classic antique look that platinum provides?  Is she looking for something completely different than the crowd or prefers

the simplistic look of a solitaire without any side diamonds. 

You will also need to know the ring size for her finger.  Imagine giving her the perfect ring,

the one she has always dreamed about and it doesn't fit.

With the prices of diamonds having such a wide range, you will need to have an idea of your budget for the ring.  Depending on the quality, a one carat diamond can range anywhere from $1,000.00 to $24,000.00. 


What cut of diamond is the most expensive?

The round shape diamond is the most popular therefore the most expensive shape.  If your other shape of diamonds is the same carat size, clarity and color, the prices will be relatively the same no matter if it is an emerald, princess, radiant, oval, marquise or cushion.


Can you really break a diamond?

A diamond is the hardest substance on earth to scratch.  But this does not mean a diamond cannot be broken.  A diamond can be broken if the perfect amount of force is placed in the right direction.

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