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How It All Started

Upon graduating from high school, Billy Mitchell thought he would simply follow his friends and family into working at one of the local manufacturing plants that were beginning to pop up all over north Alabama.  But during a routine physical for employment at a plant, it was discovered that Billy's heart was not healthy enough to be hired as a plant worker.


Through his faith, determination and a strong work ethic he was able to find a career in jewelry.  In his 5 decades in the jewelry business, Billy saw his career take him from a bench jeweler at one of the local stores in Moulton to watch repair teacher for a local college to owning his own store for over 50 years.  "I was fortunate to work with and learn a lot from many great people over the years in the jewelry business" you can still hear Billy say in his store located just outside of Moulton, AL.


A Small Beginning


In 1969, Billy began to sell jewelry from his family home where he raised his children, Sonya & Mylan.  Over the years word would spread that you could find great selections and prices on jewelry out in the country in Lawrence County.  With the help of his wife Peggy, the business grew and it was finally time for Billy to open a full time store.


Billy Mitchell Jewelry Opens

In 1979, the store's current location was built adjacent to the family home located on Diamond Hollow Farm which was named by his daughter Sonya.

With every business, not all plans go accordingly.  Even through his fight with cancer in 2001, the jewelry store continued to grow thanks to the help of his staff and family.

In 1999, his son Mylan joined the staff full time.  As his father did, Mylan began his career as a bench jeweler and now serves as president of the corporation.  In 2007, Billy was joined in the store with his son-in-law Stephen Kilpatrick.

In 2015 Billy Mitchell passed away and his legacy of fine jewelry

continues through his son and son in law.

Now in its fifth decade, Billy Mitchell Jewelry continues to provide for its customers one of the largest selection of diamonds, gemstones, watches and gold jewelry.  Coupled with a friendly service oriented staff with on site jewelers, we look forward to continuing to meet our customers' needs for their jewelry needs.

So the next time you're in need of jewelry,

make the ride to the country side

and visit us at

Billy Mitchell Jewelry.

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