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Halloween Gemstones


This year, we're pairing bright colored gemstones with spooky holiday characters

Looking for some ghoulish glamour this Halloween? Look no further than Halloween inspired gemstones to help you spook and sparkle!

The Witch’s Alexandrite

When you think of deep purple, it’s hard not to think about smooth, witchy velvet. Pair this with her glowing green face and broom and you’ve identified this trademark Halloween character. And like an enchanting spell, Alexandrite’s color changes from greenish-teal to a reddish-purple. This gem’s unique color phenomenon is truly wicked— just like an old witch!

Full Moon Blue Sapphire

October nights are dark, velvety blue— the color of Blue Sapphires. Clouds pass, revealing a full moon. A werewolf’s howl can be heard in the distance, while trick-or-treaters dance with creatures of the night! Ancient Persians believed Earth rested on a giant blue sapphire that created the night’s sky. Chatham’s Blue Sapphire comes in light, medium, and dark shades. And as luck would have it, the darkest shade of Sapphire is evocative of Halloween’s twilight night.

Frankenstein’s Emerald Green

Frankenstein the monster is a bit of a Halloween celebrity. But the poor character found no companionship and was quite a lonely fellow. Ironically, though, the color green embodies fertility and love as it shields from negative forces. So, it’s no wonder that emeralds have been adorned by the most iconic fashion starlets of our time. And Emeralds exquisite color is definetely not something to fear.

Unicorn’s Opal Utopia

If there was a contest for the trendiest magical creature, the unicorn wins first place! The opal is the embodiment of a unicorn and makes a perfect Halloween gemstones. Their ethereal color play takes you to a faraway land where dreams come true. Many cultures around the world believe opals have supernatural powers, hailing it as a stone that fell from the heavens. Opal’s play-of-color is caused by internal diffraction— small silica spheres in grid-like structures break up light into spectral colors. Sounds like magic!

Pumpkin Shade Padparadscha

Jack-o’-lanterns are basically Halloween’s official logo. The celebrated pumpkin carved with intricate silhouettes reminds us of Dark Padparadscha, sapphires whose color is sometimes called pumpkin orange. Padparadscha comes from the Sanskrit name for lotus blossom. Its orange and red hues reflect from facets in a bewitching way, just as the Jack-o’-lantern’s flames flicker from within.

Vampire Bat Ruby

They don’t call it Pigeon’s Blood for nothing! The ruby's deep, rich ruby red is the color of blood. For centuries, we’ve heard folklore of vampires who thirst for blood; most notoriously, Dracula! Earth-mined rubies are rare and it’s even harder to find flawless rubies with high color saturation. These Halloween gemstones are the perfect gem to lure any vampire looking for a feast.

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