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The 4 C's

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

The 4 C'sThursday, October 18 2018

One of the most common questions I am asked refers to the 4 C's...  So today we will take a look at what each one means.


Cut, the most important "C" is the craftmanship that gathers light into the stone.  The way light is dispersed by a diamond determines how the facets are aligned and which direction they direct the beam.  Above all the "Cut" is the source of a diamond's brilliance, fire, and romance.  


The degree of color present in a diamond is ranked on a scale from D, which is colorless, to Z,  which has very noticable yellow or brown coloring.  To measure the color, the gemologist will match a stone against a set of  "master stones."


Clarity refers to the number and degree of inclusions that are naturally part of a diamond's growth and formation.  The clarity ranking is determined by the ease or difficulty of which a trained gemologist can see inclusions under 10x magnification.

 Carat Weight

Diamonds are measured in carat weight.  Carat weight alone does not determine value.  A smaller diamond may actually be more valuable than a larger stone with an inferior cut, clarity, and color.  Carats can be expressed in fractions or points.  A full carat equals 100 points.

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